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The South Jersey Business Directory is the premier directory of its type servicing the S. Jersey area. It currently lists close to 15,000 business in 5 counties and provides a state-of-the-art platform to market your products and services throughout the region.

The directory offers 4 levels of listings, including a free listing. In addition to the traditional type of business listing, the site offers the ability to upload images, videos, coupons and contains a full-featured blog. It also allows your customers to leave a review about your company. These are valuable features and are all important ways to market and promote your business.
We offer special pricing for members of any S. Jersey Chamber of Commerce and those companies are notated with a special badge reflecting the Chamber that they belong to. We feel it is important for all businesses, regardless of their size to support their local Chamber of Commerce and the discount that we offer should more than pay for an annual membership in any S. Jersey Chamber. Why not show your pride in and support for your local business community by activating your membership in the Chamber of your choice and have your membership fee more than compensated for by the incredible saving that we will offer you? This offer is also open to any member of the South Jersey Better Business Bureau.
We are working hard to make our directory the most up-to-date and full-featured listing service that you will ever find. We are constantly updating our technology platform to ensure that we continue to meet or beat your expectations of what a premier business directory should offer you. We are interested in hearing your comments and suggestions on how we may be able to improve the SJBD so that it may serve you better and become an integral part of your online marketing campaign.
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