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Say, 'Hello,' to the Easiest Way to Utilize High-Exposure, Highly-Converting, Lead Generation Pages to Increase Your Customer Base and Profits . . . The ULTIMATE Marketing Page Creation System is Finally Here, NOW!!!
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No Competition Within Your Category. You Own the Niche for as Long as You Want it .
Become a Marketing Master Overnight. We Do All the Work. You Reap All of the Profits!
Pay One Fee Regardless of the Number of Leads that are Generated. No Hidden Costs.
Fully Integrated with your Mailing Lists, Auto Responder and your Pre-Existing Website.
Why Are So Many Businesses Using LeadGen Pages?
The Answer is Simple... In Today’s Highly-Competitive Marketplace, the Need to Attract Consumers to your Business Grows More Important, Each Day. SJBC LeadGen Pages Drive Customers to your Website and your Company. It's the #1 Choice for Smart Business Owners. It's Time to Gain the Competitive Edge - Before Your Competiton Does!

We use rapid implementation strategies, allowing you to hit the ground running FAST. Focus on your business and stop struggling to create high-converting marketing pages.

We'll link your LeadGen page to any marketing resource you currently use, including MailChimp, Constant Contact, Aweber or any other. We do all of the work for you - seamlessly.

Although we have over 60 beautiful designs to choose from, we offer full customization services to take your implementation to the next level to lend distinction to your online image.

Creating a hands-free marketing campaign is every company's dream. Our system allows you to focus on growing your business and your profits without doing the heavy lifting.

LEADGEN is an Amazing Marketing Tool That Can be Used to Propel Your Sales and Profits to Amazing New Heights . . . HOW COOL IS THAT???

Need A Sales Page? How About More Leads? Maybe a Video Showcase for Sales and Service? No problem, You can do that and everything you haven't thought about yet . . . All with ZERO Coding, ZERO Design Skills and ZERO Headaches.

SAMPLE TEMPLATES - Bronze, Silver and Gold Examples.
We Can Include Background Videos or Images, as Well as Eye-Popping Animations . . . Very Cool!
This System Can Expertly Enhance Your Marketing Efforts. Call, Today - for a No-Cost Consultation.
We'll Build ANY Type of Marketing Page You Require
We offer a robust marketing system with MAXIMUM flexibility and a MASSIVE library of pre-done marketing page templates. You can use any of these to kick start your marketing or we'll build you a world-class custom solution.

Lead Pages

Social Gates

About Me Pages

Sales Pages

Coming Soon Pages

Local Marketing Pages

Member Portals

Review Pages

Opt-In Pages

Webinar Pages

Bonus Pages

eCommerce Sites

Launch Pages

Upsell Pages

Training Series

LeadGen Will Transform the Way You Market Online . . .
We have packed this State-of-the-Art Lead Generation and Marketing System with a HUGE Array of MUST HAVE, High-Powered
Features that will literally TRANSFORM the way you make sales. Everything you need in one place, just a click away . . .
Create State-of-the-Art Marketing Pages
We understand that you may not have the necessary knowledge about Internet marketing to take your business to the next level on your own. More than likely, neither does your competition. Your smartest course of action would be to take advantage of what we have to offer you and your business, before your competition beats you to the punch.
Using our marketing know-how in conjunction with our vast array of beautiful designs will assure you a strong competitive edge in an extremely competitive business climate.
60+ (And Growing) Pre-Designed Marketing Layouts for Every Need.
You get INSTANT ACCESS to our HUGE arsenal of proven converting marketing pages. Pick one and we'll have it up and running in 24 hours!
Our team of top marketers, conversion experts, paid traffic ninjas, SEO gurus and list building rock stars have created a huge library of high-impact marketing pages that perform, all designed to jump-start your online marketing program.
All Pages Are Customized to Your Needs.
You hate restrictions and need flexibility. We get that! We never limit you to the constraints of most marketing systems.
Our team has the skills to unleash unlimited power to create and transform any page or post on your site with ease. Unlike other systems, you don't need to be a designer and you don't need any coding skills. We remove that burden from your workload. You are now a marketing master and we can create stunning masterpieces that will make you look like a genius - overnight.
Boost Your Leads, Sales and Profits.
Stop struggling to convert that hard-earned traffic, use the proven strategies used by the marketing elite. if you have been frustrated by the costly, highly-complicated systems that make you want to tear your hair out or that make you feel that you need a degree in coding to even get started - rejoice! By utilizing our team to create everything for you, you can get started fast with the most-powerful proven tactics and strategies that will allow you to gain a major marketing edge on all of your competition - not just today, but for as long as you are running your business!
We Have Barely Scratched the Surface of the Marketing Potential.
So, Here Are a Few More Features . . .
Works on ANY WordPress Site
You can add SJBC LeadGen Pages to any self-hosted WP site, and use it with ANY theme or we'll host everything for you. You don't have a WP site? Not a problem. We will graciously usher you into the 21st century and build one for you.
Mobile and Tablet Optimized Marketing
With mobile surfing soon to eclipse desktop surfing, you can be sure ALL your marketing pages look AWESOME . . . whether on a desktop, tablet or smart phone. Our fully responsive designs look great on any device.
Build Any Marketing Page You Imagine
You can focus on your business, let your imagination run wild and let the SJBC LeadGen Team build your ideas for you. Our decades long expertise in Sales, Marketing and Advertising is included in everything we do for you.
100% SEO Optimized for MAX Ranking
The SJBC LeadGen System was designed for small business owners by extremely talented and dedicated marketing pros. We want you to reap the rewards of our efforts by achieving top rankings and increased sales.
The SJBC LeadGen System Transforms Your Business into a TRUE Profit Center
With all this marketing power now at your fingertips, you are in the driver's seat and on the road to marketing success.
By capitalizing on our years of sales, marketing and advertising experience you are able to reach new markets with greater cost-effectiveness. It's time to start getting your message out there, maximizing your profits, and being an industry rock star.
Once you start using this amazing system you will wonder how you ever survived without it. Industry experts and customers alike all RAVE about this system, and once you start using it, you will too. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up, today!
Lead Generation Done Right - Direct Integration with Leading Platforms
We LOVE Integrations. Integrations are SEXY! Our system has easy integration with all leading list management systems. Our system was designed to help list builders and lead generators to, well . . . generate leads and build lists! We wanted to make sure we integrated with all the leading CRM and list building systems, easily. We just made list building sexy again. Remember one of the maxims about Internet marketing - "The money is in the list." Our list-building strategies are the best in the business. Start benefiting from our knowledge, today.
Even More Integrations, Just Because We Love Integrations
Well, we did say we love integrations, so here are a few more killer integrations you can, uh, integrate with the SJBC LeadGen System. Payment Processors, Membership Systems, Webinar Systems, and more! We have you covered! We designed this with MAXIMUM flexibility because we needed that flexibility ourselves. Now, we give you all that power, too - to provide your business every opportunity to grow. That's what we do.
Oh, And We Do FULL ECommerce Too! (You didn't see that coming, did you?)
Want To Start Your Own ECommerce Store? No Problem. We integrate with WooCommerce Seamlessly. If you are going to be the NEW leader in marketing page building, it seemed natural to integrate with the leading ECommerce system for WordPress.
We will create your store quickly and empower it with all the marketing potential of the SJBC LeadGen System's unlimited power to create THE ULTIMATE 1-2 PROFIT POWER PUNCH!
Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Are the LeadGen Marketing Pages Hosted on Your Servers or Are They Hosted on My Site?
Our system provides for either, but you will benefit from our SEO traffic generation strategies and name recognition by utilizing our resources. Additionally, your costs will be lowered if you do not have and/or do not feel the need for building and hosting your own WordPress site. Either way, we can develop a custom solution for you. It's a large part of the service that we provide to you and developing your strategy is included in our pricing.

Will I Be Competing With Other Businesses in My Category?
Absolutely not! As a memember of the SJBC LeadGen System your business will be the only one in your category reaping the benefits of its unique profit building potential. If you are looking for a strong competitive edge to gain the upper hand in your area, then you need to get this integrated into your overall marketing campaign before your competition beats you to the punch. Delaying can be costly to your bottom line. Act, now!

Are There Any Hidden Fees Associated With Creating My LEADGEN Marketing Campaign?
None. The basic package includes locking in your category, the theme of your choice, total set-up and implementation of your particulars, a one minute custom video, a dedicated listing on our other sites - the S. Jersey business portal at, the and While we do offer enhanced packages, products and services - they are not required to reap the substantial benefits of our LEADGEN system.

What If I Require Other Sales and Marketing Tools to Roundout My Overall Campaign.
There's nothing worse than when a company you have decided to partner with tells you that they are only responsible for completing a specific aspect of your overall plan. Being left to fend for yourself can be very demoralizing as well as a huge drain on your valuable time. We make every attempt to handle all of your specific needs. When we can't, we will outsource those tasks and maintain total supervision for getting any ancillary services done on your behalf, on time and under budget.
The South Jersey Business Cooperative is solely responsible for implementing the SJBC LeadGen System.
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