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Showcasing the Premier Businesses in the Vineland Area

The Best of Vineland website is an offshoot of the Vineland City Guide. The goal of this site is to present one outstanding business in each of the over 300 business categories that are the most searched for on the Internet. These sites can be used as your primary Internet presence or to supplement any web presence that you currently have. These are full-featured sites that provide you with an excellent way of marketing and promoting your business and/or a specific product or service.

This is an extremely cost-effective way to gain maximum exposure. These sites are SEO optimized, are fully-editable and can be customized to your exact specifications. You can integrate video, audio files, social media and blogs. The best part is, you can have complete access to your BOVNJ site so that you may update it as often as you like, without the need of waiting for our support-staff to make changes for you and without incurring any additional charges. You pay one, low monthly fee and gain all the benefits and advantages of being listed on our website. Remember, we only list one website in any particular niche. That means that depending on the specific category you choose to be listed in, your presence can be free of any competition, thereby assuring that you get maximum 'bang for your buck'.

Additionally, these sites are designed as 'lead-generation' properties, offering 3 types of lead capture methods for you to choose from. All of these are detailed and fully explained below. If, after perusing this extensive feature list you find yourself unsure of how to best implement this product into your advertising and marketing strategy, please avail yourself of our free marketing consultation service. We will happily provide you with a marketing plan based on the various services that we provide to help you grow your business and convert visitors to your website into paying customers for many years to come. We pride ourselves on finding solutions to your problems. Both myself and my 'virtual' staff have decades of experience and can offer you effective solutions. Call for details.

Limited Offer: Skyrocket Your Sales and Get the High Quality Leads You've Been Looking for with . . .

The Most Powerful & Beautiful 2 Step Optin Lead Generation WP Theme For Offline Businesses - Optimized and Customized!!!

Please review the following features. You will quickly realize that this offer is something that a web developer would charge you up to $1,000 to build, customize and integrate into your existing business model. Rest assured that you are not going to pay anywhere near that when you become a partner with South Jersey Business Cooperative. Remember - our primary objective is to provide you with cost-effective ways to grow your business and this is just one more solution we can offer you to help achieve that goal. We currently have extremely attractive pricing, but only for a very limited time. Please call our office at 856.649.1001 for our special pre-launch pricing.

Get Your SJBC-BOVNJ Lead Generation Website, TODAY!!!

As a 'Launch Special,' we would like to take the offer you the capability to get a 50% discount on being a 'Charter Member in the BOVNJ website. Instead of paying the normal $97 per month for this incredible opportunity, if you activate your membership by June 10th, you will only pay $47 per month. Let's be honest - regardless of the niche that you are in, one good lead that converts to a paying customer can easily cover your costs to utilize this system for an entire year, or even much longer. Keep in mind that there are no additional hosting charges or anything else outside of any custom features you would like to have added or other tasks that you do not choose to handle in-house.

If the traditional methods of lead generation are not meeting your expectations, this could be the solution that you are looking for. When you combine the added benefit of lead generation to the basic ability to have a strong Internet presence, there is no denying that this is a powerful combination that you can claim for your very own for an extremely nominal monthly charge. I must once again state that this is reserved for only one business per category or niche. If you delay you can be shut out by your competition beating you to the punch. Don't let that happen. Complete the form below to reserve your spot on the website to reap the benefits of modern, hands-free lead generation to propel your business to new heights and crush your competition. Do it, NOW!

How About . . . Customized Matching Mobile Web Site Design?

It has often been predicted that mobile Web use is expected to surpass desktop use by the end of 2016. It's an interesting claim to make, but what proof do we have? We have been studying the change in trends and believes the currently available mobile Web statistics back up the claim pretty substantially. Hopefully, these statistics will also help motivate you to prepare your business, if you have yet to optimize your sites for mobile use and capture your potential customers who are searching on the go.

The data makes it clear: Businesses that have yet to optimize their mobile sites are losing out. To keep users on your mobile site and increase conversion rate, you need to get your mobile house in order. SJBC offers mobile design and mobile application development. We can design your mobile website and integrate with our BestofVinelandNj lead generation website offered above. Contact us to further increase your likelihood of capturing your share of the number of people that have gone mobile in their everyday lives. The information contained here will allow you to understand why we bill ourselves as a 'one-stop-shop' for all of your Internet marketing needs. Give us a call at 856.649.1001 to learn how in a matter of days we transform the way you do business.

I don't wanna scare you but . . . . .
. . . . . you should know that on February 26th, 2015 Google officially introduced that all websites must be mobile friendly. You can read all about it, HERE!

Basically, what they are saying is that if you do not have a strong, properly integrated mobile-friendly presence, you are missing the boat and will be penalized in the search engine results.

In order to simplify your life and provide you with every competitive advantage in promoting your business, we can also provide you with the resources necessary to make your mobile efforts as advanced as your web presence. So instead of just having only the responsive version of the desktop layout . . . . you'll also get completely different layout and the power to control each element you want to show on the mobile/smartphone or tablet: the menu layout, the video, the CTA form and the footer. As with all of our options, you can choose to implement the capabilities yourself, or we will be happy to complete them for you for a one-time set-up fee.
Add Your SJBC-BOVNJ Mobile Optimized Layout, TODAY!!!
Our Final 'Launch Special' Pricing Offer

If you were smart enough to take advantage of our SJBC-BOVNJ 'Launch Special' above, we would like to offer you the capability to get the Mobile Upgrade at a huge discount. That's our way of saying thanks for being a 'Charter Member in the BOVNJ website and lead generation service. Instead of paying the normal $47 per month for this incredible opportunity, if you upgrade your membership by June 10th, you will only pay $17 per month additional for the Mobile upgrade. Additionally, if you sign-up for the package by May 1st will will set-up your Mobile site and waive the $49 set-up fee. This is a great deal to give yourself a state-of-the-art Internet presence that will be the envy of your competition.

Call us today to get started and begin the transformation of your business to one of the most successful in our area. We can and will help you build your business to an extremely profitable enterprise. Take charge of your lead generation capabilities - TODAY!

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